L:O:T:V | Ur Secrets exposed



"I just so happened to find your website through a friend on facebook. It is absolutely fantastic. I'm one of the lucky survivors..of depression, of self harm, of emotional abuse, divorce, drug abuse, alcohol abuse... who found my way through..."--anonymous

"I haven't figured out my purpose, I don't know why i'm not in a grave, but I am a survivor and I will not fail..."

"I will not fail myself, I will not fail my parents, I will not fail my friends. I will stumble, I will fall, but I will not fail..."

"Thank you for what you do, you will be the anchor in the storm..."--anonymous

"The only reason I haven't hurt myself tonight is because I don't want my mom to feel guilty..."--anonymous

"Would the suicide hotline # not show up on my phone bill?"--anonymous

"I really was ready to just go..."--anonymous

"I don't really know any adults that I could talk to around here..."--anonymous

"I made it OUT of my self made prison... and so can you..."--survivor

"I attempted suicide, while self medicating..."--anonymous

"It wasn't in my nature to attempt this, I am a leader, but after self medicating, I did it... and woke up in the ER strapped down to a bed in complete shock of how I got there..."--anonymous

"After the suicide attempt... I was admitted to the state mental health department..."--anonymous

"The doctor said, "you almost lost the use of your fingers completely..."--anonymous

"Not until I attempted suicide did I finally realize that I was performing for LOVE..."--anonymous

"I have my letters written..."--anonymous

"I wanted to die then... I wanted to destroy the body I was trapped in..."--anonymous

"I was thinking about taking my life..."--anonymous

"I locked myself in my room and was doing self harm and thinking about doing something worse... someone called campus security and they stormed my room and took me to the emergency room in a cop car. That was embarassing."

"My mom got a call from the hospital where they had me in a room with cops outside the door. She had no clue and thought it was a joke... I hid everything really well until I couldn't hide anymore."--anonymous

"I thought about doing it a lot... but I don't think I would have really tried if I wasn't out of my mind on alcohol and pills..."--anonymous