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"I just so happened to find your website through a friend on facebook. It is absolutely fantastic. I'm one of the lucky survivors..of depression, of self harm, of emotional abuse, divorce, drug abuse, alcohol abuse... who found my way through..."--anonymous

"I haven't figured out my purpose, I don't know why i'm not in a grave, but I am a survivor and I will not fail..."

"I will not fail myself, I will not fail my parents, I will not fail my friends. I will stumble, I will fall, but I will not fail..."

"Thank you for what you do, you will be the anchor in the storm..."--anonymous

"Emotional abuse is underneath all other types of abuse - the most damaging aspect of physical, sexual, mental, etc. abuse is the trauma to our hearts and souls from being betrayed by the people that we love and trust."--anonymous

"I'd keep the words on auto reply in my mind..."--anonymous

"Our parents were emotionally abused in childhood because their parents were emotionally abused in childhood. Our parents were our role models who taught us how to relate to ourselves and our own emotions."--anonymous

"I would end up crying at school before class almost every day..."--anonymous

"The most destructive emotional abuse is the emotional abuse we learned to inflict upon ourselves. We formed our core relationship with self in early childhood and have been judging and shaming ourselves ever since. The most destructive thing about the emotional abuse we suffered because our parents were wounded, was that we incorporated the messages we got from their behavior into our relationship with self. We emotionally abuse ourselves on a daily basis."--anonymous

"In health class they explained dysfunctional families... and I lost it... with tears I ran into the hall..."--anonymous

"Emotional abuse is the leading reason of suicide victims."--statistic

"Emotional abuse is the silent marriage killer."--statistic

"My mother called me every name in the book before school..."--anonymous

"I never thought I was what they said I was... but I became that..."--anonymous

"Emotional abuse leaves scars that no man can see..."--anonymous

"You cant see my stains..."--anonymous

"I wouldn't even tell my worst enemy the things my family called me..."--anonymous

"We are set up to be emotionally dysfunctional by our role models, both parental and societal. We are taught to repress and distort our emotional process. We are trained to be emotionally dishonest when we are children."

"When we were 3 or 4 we couldn't look around us and say, "well, Dad's a drunk and Mom is real depressed and scared - that is why it feels so awful here. I think I'll go get my own apartment."--anonymous