You obviously are on this page because you feel like you are missing something and/or maybe you are developing self-coping mechanisms that are not healthy. We will help you find the ROAD MAP out of your self coping band-aids to the reconstructive surgery that will meet all your needs.

Congratulations on finding the new you... :)


  1. Identify - the issue that you are facing
  2. Find - healthy new options
  3. Remove - old routes of coping
  4. Fill the void - with accountability


We made this site because it works. People all over the nation are seeking help through many methods. We have found that many self-help support groups, counseling sessions etc... are based off of this method. If you are alone there are many 800 numbers where you can seek help from qualified people now.

One click away - starts today!


IDENTIFYING the issue at hand may be the largest and most difficult one to overcome. However, whatever you struggle with daily is the reason why you are drawn to this site. After you admit your pain, admit the issue you think you have. Or, at least address that something is definitely off balance... then and only then can you begin to break down the true root beneath the surface. What you need to understand is that you are not alone. There are many people suffering in secret. Once the secret is spoken, now you can start...

Find options to replace the VOID. There are many different tools on the internet. We seem to get ourselves into trouble very well, but what we don't realize is the keys to unlock our self-made prison are also a click away.


Once you have found your community of support and you have identified the secret, now you can begin to remove the old remedies and replace them with new ones. Sometimes we will allow our cars to operate out of alignment. We won't repair this alignment issue until the tires actually blow out. You can either A) replace the tires but you'll still have a car that's off balance and the tires will eventually blow again or B) replace the tires and the fix the alignment to have a balanced vehicle! Although you are not a car, if you are on this page you may be out of alignment and we're excited about your choice to read this; the alignment process has begun.

Fill the void

Begin to replace the old remedies with new healthy ones. Try to find an accountability partner with whom you can call on. Make sure you pick someone who has overcome these issues. Choose your partner based on the fruit their life has produced. Form a "call list" of people to call when you struggle with the old coping remedies. Call them before you retract. Seek out a counselor, therapist or online counselor. Don't walk this out alone. Find balance, be accountable and begin to eliminate the areas that held you captive in your own self-made prison.